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Faust and Lewis by bubblesage Faust and Lewis :iconbubblesage:bubblesage 0 0
Mature content
Magical conumdrum chapter 2 :iconbubblesage:bubblesage 0 0
Mature content
PNF a Magical conundrum.A/N: :iconbubblesage:bubblesage 0 0
Rebirth ch2
Chapter 2
The building fell dark, and his hands still stung red from his white-knuckled grasp. He dashed along the hallways, hope dying with every step. Gasping for breath, he muttered to himself nearly to tears, "First $#%*, then my blood brother... I won't lose her... I can't lose her..!"
He kept his breakneck pace and eventually reached a hallway with a dead end, save for a door on the final wall. It was the last room on the floor; the room that he wanted — no, needed to see. Her room. His breath caught in his throat as he froze staring at the door. A shiver ran down his back, then his hand inched forward to the doorknob. It wavered back and forth, his conscious fighting itself. He found himself unable to move as his fingers finally touched it.
A face grew on the door. At first, a shallow imprint, almost an outline; it grew outwards with more defining features. Features he found all to familiar; Her features stared back at him.
"Why? Why didn't you save them?! Why didn't you sa
:iconbubblesage:bubblesage 1 0
Mature content
Rebirth ch1 :iconbubblesage:bubblesage 1 1
Character bio: Crow WindWing
Basic Statistics
Full Name: Crow WindWing
Reason or meaning of name: sentient animated scarecrow with wind abilities
Nickname: Thomas, Tom
Reason: name before becoming a scarecrow
Age: 20 technically
Date of Birth: classified
Zodiac: Scorpio
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight  
Nationality: Earth alpha
Species: Scarecrow
Hometown: Tallahassee
Current Residence: Portabello realm
Occupation: traveler
For how long?: awhile
Like his/her job?: loves it
Salary: decent
Element: wind
Usable?: yes
Animal: Crows, wolves
Hand-to-Hand capability: good
Weapons?: twin sickles, Flintlock pistol
Special attributes:
Strength: average human (which considering...)
Speed: (fast as the wind)
Planning: flexible
Birth order: 3 of 3
Siblings (describe relationship): Brother (decent before travels) sister (good before travels)
Parents (describe relationship): Mother (good)
Grandparents (describe relationship): unknown
Significant Others (describe relationship): Ezra(oc)
:iconbubblesage:bubblesage 0 0
Uther peabody character sheet
Full Name: Uther Senchal Peabody
Reason or meaning of name:
Nickname: Peabody
Reason: doesn't like being called Mr Peabody
Age: technically 23
Date of Birth: december 10, 198x
Zodiac: Sagitarius
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation:  Straight/celebate
Nationality: technically America
Species: Human demon hybrid
Hometown: richmond virginia
Current Residence: Portabello Road Inc
Occupation: Owner, Warden, trainer
For how long?: 10 years and counting
Like his/her job?: more indifferent than either
Salary: comfortable
Element: wind
Usable?: yes
Hand-to-Hand capability: good
Weapons?: cane sword
Special attributes: Magic,
Strength: above average
Speed: average before training
Planning: on the fly
Birth order:
Siblings (describe relationship): only child
Spouse (describe relationship): no
Children (describe relationship): none
Are all children with the same partner?:n/a
Is relationship with children important to character?:
Parents (describe relationship)
:iconbubblesage:bubblesage 1 1
Mature content
Isomnia reduction part two :iconbubblesage:bubblesage 0 0
Mature content
Isomnia reduction part one :iconbubblesage:bubblesage 1 0


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hello. just wanting to know how commissions are usually done. thank you for your time


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Brandon "Bubble" Todd
United States
more of a writer than an artist. will put stories here eventually


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